Charlie comes closer, and Pepper and Avery get out of the bushes.
Pepper: Hm. We need a stealthier plan. The only way we’re gonna get in is if we sneak in. At night.
Charlie: If I get close enough to the bars, I could grab a book with my magic.
Pepper: That’s true, but you wouldn’t be able to see the titles. And we don’t even know what we need. Besides, what if someone discovered you? You wouldn’t be able to hear them coming.
Avery: I don’t want you to sneak in, Pepper.
She grabs Pepper’s hand.
Avery: You’ve already been in so much trouble. I don’t think I could…
Charlie looks confused. What’s going on between them?
Avery: I don’t want to see you get hurt again.
Pepper: If you think I’m letting anything happen to you, you’re out of your mind. I’ll go.
Avery puts a hand on Charlie’s shoulder as well.
Avery: No. We’ll all go. Together.