This is the first page with sign language, so I want to pull the curtain back a little bit. Charlie is Deaf, and she uses ASL. Since the world of Principles of Magic is separate from ours (and has different countries than ours), I’m just going to stick to calling it “sign language.” But she is using ASL, just like Pepper and Avery speak English even though there’s no England in this universe.

I am not yet fluent in ASL (I’m still learning) and I have a long ways to go with understanding d/Deafness and Deaf culture. If I’m getting anything wrong, or if I’m being unintentionally insensitive, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


The three girls stare at each other. They don’t know what to do for a second.
Pepper, brightening: Hey! A new girl!
The pillow plops down in the background, and Charlie starts signing the phrase “What’s your name?”
Avery: Huh?
Pepper jumps down.
Pepper: Charlie says “What’s your name?” Charlie’s Deaf. She talks with her hands. If you’re really magic, you’ll understand after a while.
Going forward, all of Charlie’s dialogue is in American Sign Language.
Charlie, smirking: It’s ‘cuz we’re connected.
Pepper leans forward excitedly. Avery is blushing, but she’s not scared.
Pepper: So, what’s YOUR name?