Hi all! I’m taking a September break from Principles of Magic. I will continue updating until August 30, and resume updating on October 4. Thanks for understanding!

Avery: She’s been pretending the whole time.
Pepper: They’re ALL pretending. All the girls who graduate and go home.
Charlie: She can’t control anything? It’s all fake?
Avery: Well, the IMPORTANT part isn’t fake.
Avery: We might be able to keep our magic, but they’re still going to punish us for using it. And they’re about to send the Principles of Magic program all across Allenar.
She looks up at the other two.
Avery: Our parents didn’t have to send us here. They did it because they wanted to. And if they wanted to pull us out now, no one could stop them.
Avery: But if this becomes a state-run program, that’s going to change. Girls could get taken away from their families. They could get taken out of their homes. They would be imprisoned FOR REAL. We would be too.