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Miss Page: Peregrine Vanguard you are in so! Much! Trouble!
Two girls are inside the dorm room. Peregrine (AKA Pepper) is standing on one of the three beds. She has short brunette hair, held back with a maroon headband. She’s wearing a Signet uniform, and holding up a hand from which some smoke is emitting.
The girl to the left of her, (Charlotte, AKA Charlie) is holding up a pillow — or wait, is she actually holding it? Or is it just floating there? She’s short, with long yellow braids and freckles. She also wears a Signet uniform.
Pepper puts her hands on her hips.
Pepper: How do you know it was me?
Miss Page: I am going to —
She pauses, and sees that Avery is absolutely terrified.
Miss Page: …Never mind.
She shoves Avery forward, into the dorm room.
Miss Page: You live here now.
She turns and slams the door closed.