Hey kids! Things are hectic (but good) right now, so I’m going to take Friday’s update off. I’ll see you next Monday!

Aurelie: Were they angry?
Pepper remembers her mother slapping her across the face, leaving a mark.
Aurelie: It was probably because they were afraid.
Avery remembers sitting across from her parents and crying. She’s hugging herself while her parents look at each other warily.
Aurelie: Afraid of you. Afraid of your magic.
Charlie remembers laying in bed at her old school, watching the nuns talk about her. She can’t see what they’re saying, but she knows it’s bad.
Aurelie: Didn’t you feel guilty? Don’t you STILL feel that way? Guilt and shame feel bad, but these things are actually GOOD. They help us control our magic. These are the things that can help us extinguish our magic FOR GOOD.
Aurelie opens an eye and sees that Julie is gone. Well, her clothes are still there, but not the rest of her.
Aurelie: Julie, you’ve vanished again.
Julie is completely invisible.