4th of July weekend has me all messed up, so I forgot to schedule this page! I remembered at literally 2:15 so I’d say that’s not bad haha.

Aurelie looks annoyed at Julie for a moment, then regains her composure.
Aurelie: Let’s maybe stick to memories instead. After all, I’m sure none of us have ACTUALLY been to the Fae Wood.
Avery opens one of her eyes. Some of the girls are laughing politely at Aurelie’s joke.
Aurelie: Close your eyes and remember. Think about the first time someone saw you doing magic.
Avery remembers her father bursting in on her. There are vines all over the room. They both look horrified.
Aurelie: Think about how it felt.
Pepper remembers getting caught by her parents while using magic. There are small, blue flames in her hands, and her parents’ shadows loom over her.
Aurelie: How frightened the other person was.
Charlie remembers being at the school for the Deaf, levitating art supplies when she thought she was alone. Little did she know at the time, but she was being watched by three of the nuns who ran the school.