This is the second-to-last page of chapter 2! time does fly!

A girl in the front row raises her hand.
Girl: When is he coming?
Miss Page: Hush, Cynthia.
Hyacinth: No, that’s a good question! Minister Grange and his inspectors will be here on the tenth of next month, so we have some time to prepare. Don’t worry, girls, you’re going to be perfect for them.
He looks pointedly in Aurelie’s direction. Miss Page is oblivious.
Hyacinth: We’re ALL going to be perfect.
He turns back to the girls.
Hyacinth: Anyway, I know it’s your day off, so I’ll let you go. Just remember to be on your best behavior! You’re dismissed.
The girls file out of the chapel. Avery and Charlie look worriedly in Pepper’s direction. She has a far-off, worried gaze.