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Hyacinth: Hello girls, hello. I see we have some new faces in the crowd. That’s very nice. Always good to see our little family growing.
Avery sinks in her seat, mortified to have been noticed.
Hyacinth: That’s actually what I came here to talk about. The growth of the Signet family. When my mother started this school, she did it to help little girls like you. Girls who were afflicted with the curse of magic.
In a flashback, we see a young woman hovering above the ground in a dark forest. Her head is hanging, and her stringy black hair floats around her like smoke.
Hyacinth: When my mother was a child, girls like you would be murdered.
Another scene. A young woman is kneeling on the ground, cowering in terror. There is a pink light around her hands. The shadow of an angry mob is seen on the wall behind her.
Hyacinth: Or cast out of their villages.
A terrified woman runs from a giant fire. She’s surrounded by a blue halo of magic – perhaps protecting herself.
The scene shifts back to the chapel. Hyacinth leans over the podium, grinning.
Hyacinth: Or at least they never would have found a husband!