Hey, everyone. I’ve decided to take the next few updates off so that I can focus on my health. Principles of Magic will return on April 1st (not as an April Fool’s Day joke, haha). If you want to keep up with me while I’m gone, check out my twitter. In fact, I just posted a new minicomic there. Otherwise, I’ll see you in April!

Pepper, Charlie, and Avery are somewhere on the Signet grounds. Pepper and Charlie are leaned up against a tree, looking at a book. Avery is leaning against the fence of the little goat pen. There are three small goats grazing around.
Avery looks around for a moment, then gets a little smile on her face as she sticks her tongue out and holds her hands a few inches apart from each other. Suddenly, a seed appears suspended between her hands. The seed rapidly sprouts and grows until it becomes a blooming yellow flower, complete with roots.