The Boy has arrived.

Aurelie (I’m referring to Miss Ghelhel as Aurelie from now on because that’s just how I think of her) waits with some trepidation in front of the school.
Suddenly, something appears on the horizon. It’s an old-fashioned (to us) automobile in green and bronze. The wheels are huge, with thin spokes, and the car has no roof. It doesn’t even have a wheel. Rather, just a tiller on a long pole. It emits a weird humming noise – as well as a plume of noxious-looking fumes.
The man driving the car looks to be around Aurelie’s age – he’s young and handsome, other than his white hair. He wears a hat, goggles and a motorist’s scarf. He honks the horn, and pulls in front of the school.
Aurelie is speechless.
The man raises his goggles and smiles.
Hyacinth: Well, hello to you too, Aurelie.