Hello all! Happy Friday!

Recently I guest starred on the (amazing) actual play podcast, Join the Party! You should check it out šŸ™‚

Podcasts keep my brain from falling out while I’m drawing. I’ve been listening to podcasts for almost a decade, so it felt completely surreal to be a part of one.

Miss Ghelhel opens the door, and Miss Page bursts in, excited.
Miss Page: Aurelie!
She strides across the room, and Miss Ghelhel turns to look at her, clutching her hands together.
Miss Ghelhel: What is it, Lane? What’s all the fuss?
Miss Page: You’ll never guess. Oh, you’re going to be over the moon!
She looks out one of the windows.
Miss Page: Oh, this is delicious!
She turns back to look at Miss Ghelhel.
Miss Page: The Headmaster is coming back!
Miss Ghehel pauses for a moment, shocked, then raises a hand to hear head as it hits her.
Miss Ghelhel: HYACINTH?!