I almost didn’t post this because of computer problems, but my tech worries have been vanquished……for now….


Pepper is curled up in the dorm room. It’s night and all the lights are off. One sliver of light cuts through the scene as Charlie and Avery open the door.
Avery looks worried, but Charlie just looks sad for her friend.
Charlie sits down on Pepper’s bed and reaches out to her.
Charlie: Are you all right?
Pepper sniffs.
Pepper: I’m okay.
Avery sits on her own bed.
Avery: Has anything like this happened before?
Charlie: Not in a long time. Months, maybe.
Avery looks to Pepper.
Avery: Pepper, you should tell your parents.
Pepper looks tired and disillusioned.
Pepper: Are YOU going to tell YOUR parents?
Avery glances downward as she realizes that she won’t.
Avery: …No.