Did not have fun drawing this page. Didn’t like it. Not a big fan.

Miss Page leans toward Pepper menacingly.
Miss Page: Don’t play dumb with me, girl.
Pepper frowns, and then flinches slightly as she turns her arms over, so they’re palms-up.
Miss Page raises the ruler and smacks it down on Pepper’s arms. The comic panel shatters like a mirror as Pepper closes her eyes and bites her bottom lip. She’s tearing up, trying to hold the tears back as Miss Page keeps hitting her.
Charlie and Avery are horrified — Avery covers her mouth in shock. Miss Ghelhel, standing to the side, holds up a hand so that she won’t have to see. She casts her gaze down.
When it’s over, Pepper is shivering, wide-eyed and pale.