I usually post around 2 PM, but I forgot to pre-schedule this one! Sorry for the slight delay!

Anyway, the next page (coming Monday) was pretty rough to draw/write. I went back and forth over whether to put a trigger warning at the top of the page, but I decided that placing a warning here would be best. I will also put a warning on my twitter post for page 31.

So, TW: child abuse for page 31.

Miss Page produces a long ruler, and grips it between her hands.
Miss Page: This brings me no pleasure.
Miss Page, smiling: You know that all I want is for you girls to succeed. And you will,
Pepper looks terrified.
Miss Page: even if I have to beat the magic out of you.
Miss Page looks to Pepper.
Miss Page: Arms out.
Pepper screws her eyes shut and extends her arms in front of her, palms down. Her hands are curled into fists.