I wish this was MY high school curriculum! (just kidding i can’t dance and i don’t have manners)

I’m planning on taking a holiday hiatus for the month of December. I’ll keep posting until 11/30/18 and then I’ll resume posting on 1/4/19.

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Charlie, Avery and Pepper sit at an L-shaped table with teacups in hand.
Pepper, VO: There’s manners and etiquette,
A woman with gray hair holds up a book in front of the girls.
Pepper, VO: Literature,
The girls do ballroom dancing in a mirrored studio. They’re being observed by a severe-looking woman in a green gown. Charlie is dancing with another student, and Avery and Pepper are dancing with each other. Avery is beet-red.
Pepper, VO: Dancing and posture,
The girls chow down on some sandwiches.
Pepper, VO: Lunchtime (our favorite),
The girls sit at small, circular tables as they work at needlepoint.
Pepper, VO: Stitching,
Charlie and Avery look out from behind canvases as Pepper presents her still life painting to an unamused teacher.
Pepper, VO: And the fine arts.