I’m planning on taking a holiday hiatus for the month of December. It’s a long way away, but I wanted to give fair warning!

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The following panels are shots of the girls’ notes from the lesson.
Avery’s notes, manicured cursive: Magic was never meant for human beings, that’s why your magic is so difficult to contain. Unfortunately, it is only human women who struggle with magic — but this can be fixed. Magic is not a part of you. By using the main principles of magic, a normal lifestyle (a lifestyle without magic) can be maintained.
Pepper’s notes, scrawl with doodles in the margins:
  • magic is bullshit?
  • blah blah
Charlie’s notes, larger handwriting, but somewhat neat: magic was never ???? more girls ???????????? part of you and ?????? magic a normal lifestyle can be ??????????? without magic ? ??? ??? ??? (just read pepper’s notes)