A little exploration into how magic works in Allenar.

I’m planning on taking a holiday hiatus for the month of December. It’s a long way away, but I wanted to give fair warning!

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These panels look like white sketches on a chalkboard as Miss Ghelhel tells her life story to the class.
A young girl looks at her hands.
Miss Ghelhel: When I was a little girl, I felt totally out of control.
The young girl stretches.
Miss Ghelhel: Whenever I was tired,
The young girl is bedridden.
Miss Ghelhel: Or sick,
The young girl shouts and stamps her foot.
Miss Ghelhel: Or angry,
A porcelain vase shatters, seemingly on its own.
Miss Ghelhel: I would make things… happen…
The young girl stands amidst a crowd of disapproving and disgusted adults.
Miss Ghelhel: It made everyone very uncomfortable.
The young girl sits and cries beneath a felled tree.
Miss Ghelhel: And besides, it was dangerous.