With every page I publish, I go “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I’ve wanted to make a webcomic for so long, and I’m really happy that I’m finally letting myself create.

Webcomics are kind of crazy, since they’re publish-as-you-go. It’s like writing on a tightrope. It’s really scary, but it’s really exciting also.

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The teacher enters the classroom and sets papers down on the front desk. She’s a young woman in her mid-twenties, with flowing black hair and olive skin. She wears a long blue gown with a high collar.
Miss Ghelhel: Good morning, girls.
Girls, except for Avery and Charlie: Good morning, Miss Ghelhel.
Miss Ghelhel: Oh, I forgot! We have a new student starting today.
Avery’s eyes grow wide and she tries to hide behind her desk.
Miss Ghelhel: Come up! Come on up here!
Avery awkwardly stands at the front of the room, besides Miss Ghelhel, who smiles and clasps her hands together.