Hi all! I feel like we just came back from hiatus, but I need to take another short break from POM. I have several other projects going on right now and I don’t want POM’s quality to suffer because of that. I will return with a new update on 11/19. Happy Halloween!

Until then, you can find me on my twitter, where I will be goofing off (& hopefully posting one of the projects i’m working on).

Pepper: Are you sleepy?
Avery: A little. But let’s wait up for her.
Pepper: Okay. I like you, Avery.
Avery: I like you too, but you know that.
They hug.
Later, Charlie comes back from her adventure. Avery is fast asleep on Pepper’s shoulder.
Charlie: You tried to wait up for me?
Pepper: She worried about you so much that she tuckered herself out.