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Hyacinth gestures out to the girls in the hall. Aurelie, who’s walking between the tables, briefly looks over her shoulder at him.
Hyacinth: We have some girls here who are enrolled from age ten to seventeen. And once they graduate, they don’t even remember what their powers were before. They’re able to lead normal lives, find good husbands.
Minister Grange: Mm, that’s important.
Hyacinth: That’s why we teach other classes as well — classes that you could find in any finishing school. The girls don’t have to fall behind just because they were born with magic. They are completely prepared for civilized company. We make them fully marriageable, which is why their families sent them to us.
Minister Grange: And your graduates have actually married?
Hyacinth: Oh, yes! And they get good matches, too. Some of their husbands don’t even know they had magic to begin with.
Aurelie walks away, shadows falling across her face.