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Minister Grange: Oh! This is my secretary, Miss Bergmann, and this is my son, Erec.
Erec: Good to meet you, Headmaster Signet.
Hyacinth: Er… yes.
Minister Grange: My son is taking the opportunity to accompany me as I complete my duties. Since this is a school for those afflicted with magic, I thought it would be a suitable place for a boy to visit. To see what we’re really up against in this country. You can treat him as though he were my apprentice. But that shouldn’t change anything, now, should it?
Hyacinth, visibly nervous: I suppose not!
Miss Page: I’ll get you all set up in your rooms, then I can take you down to the dining hall for dinner. I’m sure you would like to see all the girls there.
Minister Grange: Ah, yes! We certainly would.