New people!!! New people!!!

The girls follow Aurelie to the main hall, where Signet’s front door is. Charlie peers around the corner to see that Hyacinth and Miss Page are also there to welcome the newcomers at the door. It’s a tall man with a large moustache, a woman with a notebook, and a boy who can’t be older than 15.
Charlie whips around to the others.
Charlie: There’s a BOY here!
Hyacinth: Minister Grange, I’m so sorry we weren’t prepared for your arrival. We thought you were coming after the weekend. I assure you, I’m usually here to greet guests when they come in.
Minister Grange: Not at all, Headmaster Signet! A change in schedule allowed us to arrive early. Besides, I’ve always thought that it’s more virtuous to be early than to be on time.
Hyacinth, nervously: Right you are, Sir, and… Who do we have here?