Hi all! I’m going to be taking next Friday off because I’m MOVING! Ahhh! No worries, though, I’ll be back on December 25.


My move is way more chaotic than I thought so I will be back on January 1. I’ll see you in 2021!

Aurelie: I remember when they built this chapel.
Hyacinth: I know you think of me as an intruder, but I want to help girls like you all over. So you don’t have to be in pain anymore.
Aurelie puts her head on Hyacinth’s shoulder.
Hyacinth: And you are in pain.
Aurelie: I know. I am.
Hyacinth puts his arm around her.
Hyacinth: I’m in pain too, when I see you like this.
Aurelie looks up.
Aurelie: Hyacinth?
Hyacinth: Hm?
Aurelie: Why am I like this? Why is my magic so terrible? So destructive?