I’m back! You might notice that this page looks a little different. That’s because I’m trying something new! I used to draw all the POM pages in Photoshop on my computer (and huion tablet), but when I was drawing The Sea Maid over my break, I used Procreate on my iPad. I found that to be a much faster, freer and more enjoyable experience. I’m going to try and draw POM in Procreate for the foreseeable future and see how it goes. Let me know if you like this!

Aurelie pounds her fists on the altar in frustration and shame.
Aurelie: Stop it! Stop it! I can’t do this anymore!
Suddenly, Hyacinth appears at the doorway of the chapel.
Hyacinth: Aurelie?
Aurelie turns to look at him. Tears are streaming down her face. Hyacinth comes to her side.
Hyacinth: What’s wrong?
Aurelie wordlessly gestures to the crack in the altar that she made with her magic.
Hyacinth: Is that it? Aurelie, that’s nothing. It’s okay. Calm down. You don’t want to bring the whole place down on top of us, do you?