UPDATE: I profusely apologize, but I’m extending this hiatus due to personal reasons. I will now resume updating on November 20. I didn’t foresee this coming, and I again apologize. 


Hi guys! I’ve pretty much been posting POM without any breaks (other than one week or so) for a year. In the first year of POM, I took breaks more often, because I was posting twice a week. After a full year, I need that break again. My life is pretty crazy right now (I’m sure yours is too), and if I’m working on POM, I want to make sure it’s the best it can be. For that to be true, I need to give myself some rest. This will be my last update until October 18 November 20, when I’ll resume updating on the regular Friday schedule. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Aurelie: Maybe I wanted it once, but it’s not fair.
She puts her head in her hands.
Aurelie: It’s not fair…
Aurelie: The girls don’t even understand. Why would they?
She lifts her head again. There are tears in her eyes.
Aurelie: They make miracles. They make sparks of light. They make magic. Real magic. Why did you give me THIS?
She looks at her hands. A crack appears in the pulpit floor.
Aurelie: NO!