TFF: Lilith took a fae husband and begat strange new children – with one foot in the world of man and the other in the world of magick. The children grew to be more adept at magick than either of their parents – filled with raw and dangerous power. Suddenly, other human children across the kingdom began succumbing to the thrall of magick.
TFF: As the children grew, they became difficult to control. Men and women with magick were too powerful – leading chaotic rebellions against landowners and nobles.
TFF: The men formed an army in the name of the Mortal God, and together they hunted down and destroyed those who were afflicted by the curse of magick. The fae, who watched from afar, saw their way of life threatened.
TFF: The Fae Queen Maebh left her sanctum to meet with the human King Camlan under the pretense of a treaty of peace.