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The Okra Project

The Black Trans Travel Fund

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Trans Women of Color Collective

The following panels (unless stated otherwise) are represented as though they are illustrations in the book. The book’s text will be labeled in the script as “TFF” (as in “The Fair Folk”).
Introduction – An Abbreviated Historie
Long ago, the country of Allenar was home to humans and to fae. The fae were the people of joy – the humans were the people of toil. Men and women sowed fields, wove clothing, butchered animals. The fair folk had no need for work – they had magicks and enchantements. They drank wine from grapes that had been plucked that morning – they wore clothes that wove themselves. Their hedonistic ways mocked the work of men, and shamed the Mortal God. But human women coveted the strange magick of the fae.
TFF: One day, a woman called Lilith ran from her village – leaving her husband and family behind. She escaped to the woods and lived among the fair folk, who bestowed upon her the enchantement of magick.