A pretty quiet comic today. Black lives matter. ACAB. Here are some links where you can donate money to help the cause.

National Bail Fund Network

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

Justice for Breonna Taylor

In Memory of Tony McDade

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund

Southern Poverty Law Center

Pepper hugs Charlie tight. Avery feels almost vestigial. Pepper and Charlie have such a strong friendship. She doesn’t want to distract from that while she knows that Charlie needs it. She looks mournfully at the two of them, across the room. She doesn’t know why, but she’s jealous. She hugs herself.
Avery’s eyes wander over to where she knows they’ve stored the library books. She reaches under and grabs The Fair Folk. She sits on the carpet on the other side of Pepper’s bed, with her back against the bed. She opens the book. She can still read with the pink light coming through the little window.