Happy valentime day have a comique

The girls each hide between two different bookshelves. Pepper is sitting with her hand over Charlie’s mouth. They’re all terrified.
The door opens, and Sister Amity steps in. The art teacher, Miss Tyne, is with her. They’re both in nightgowns. Miss Tyne has a dressing gown, and Sister Amity is keeping her hair covered with a small white cap.
Sister Amity: Hello? Is someone in here?
Miss Tyne: What’s the matter? I thought you just forgot your papers.
Sister Amity: I thought I heard someone scream. Isn’t that funny?
The light from the opened door slightly illuminates something in front of Avery. She sits up, taking notice.
Miss Tyne: I wouldn’t be surprised if this place is haunted. Have you ever lived somewhere so terrible?
Avery leans forward slightly. A few feet in front of her, a book is strewn on the floor. She can barely read the cover from this distance, but it seems to say “The Fair Folk.”