UPDATE: I gave myself a repetitive stress injury on hourly comic day, so I have to take the week off of POM. The next page will be posted on 2/14. Again, I apologize. But if you want to be held over until then, check out the comic that destroyed my body.

Okay, so… This is the 100th page of Principles of Magic. And also Pepper says “fuck.” It’s hard to believe that we’ve gotten this far. It’s been a long time since I’ve last made 100 pages of… anything. I feel like I’ve come a really long way with comics in these 100 pages, and I’ve grown to love these girls so much. I want to thank you all for reading. I have wanted to make a webcomic for many years, but I was always afraid that I wouldn’t be able to sustain it, or that no one would read it. Turns out, I was wrong on both counts.

I can’t wait to see where this story takes us in the future. Thank you.

Pepper freezes for a moment, then reacts to Avery’s words and snuffs out the light from the glow ball. The room is plunged into darkness. Suddenly, from across the library, there’s a scream.
Charlie: AAAAAH!!!!!
Pepper: Fuck!
Avery: Charlie!
Pepper and Avery both run through the dark, toward the seldom-heard sound of Charlie’s voice. When they find her, she’s clearly terrified. Pepper makes a small flame so she can see them.
Charlie: Why did you do that?
Pepper: Someone’s here. We need to hide. Fast.